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Over time we have met with different businesses and/or used different services.  Below are some of these businesses that we believe you may find useful.


The Australian Paraplanning Community is a free resource for Financial Service professionals.  Its core feature is a forum which allows Financial Services professionals to ask questions or advice of each other.  The greatest benefit of this is that it allows people that work in small companies to communicate with professionals from all around Australia.

If you work in the industry, this is a fantastic resource.


If you are trying to build your own website and it just doesn’t have that same look as the others, check out ThemeForest.  Among other things, they sell some great website templates that are easy to install with basic knowledge of WordPress or whatever your choice of CMS.

Its a very cost effective way of setting up a professional site.


PhotoDune is part of the same group as ThemeForest.  If you are trying to do some advertising, setup a webpage or a new company brochure and you need some images, don’t try and do it yourself (unless you are really good at it), buy the rights to use someone elses images.  It saves a lot of time and is very cost effective.




If you want to setup an Australian company, you can do it through eCompanies website for under $500.  We have used this and found it quick and very easy to use.  They are listed on ASIC’s website as Electronic Company Registration compliant.


Please note, we provide no guarantee as to the services you will recieve or the experience you will have with any of the listed businesses.  It is always up to you to do your own due diligence.

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